Marxism and the Call of the Future

Marxism and the Call of the FutureMarxism and the Call of the Future

Conversations on Ethics, History and Politics

Bob Avakian and Bill Martin

Published by Open Court Press.

Bill Martin is a radical professor of philosophy and maverick social theorist. Bob Avakian is a visionary communist thinker and revolutionary leader. They both reject the fashionable claim that the "triumph" of capitalism forecloses the possibility of radical change. These lively conversations between Avakian and Martin probe a range of issues: the place of ethics in politics; the Maoist experience in China; sustainable agriculture and today’s lopsided economic development; the post-9/11 agenda of the U.S. ruling class; Marxism and homosexuality; secularism and religion; and animal rights. A major theme running through this dialogue is the relationship between materialism and ethics.

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"... so important that it should stand on the shelf of everyone who cares about the destiny of the political Left ... marks the beginning of a new approach."
 from the Foreword by Slavoj Žižek

"At this dark time in the history of our country and of the world, we need some new conversations about Marx and the socialist tradition— conversations free of dogmatism, open to ideas from all sides, but oriented in a progressive direction and eager to learn from thinking critically within the Marxist tradition. This book provides us with one model of what those kinds of conversations can be like."
 Allen Wood, author of Karl Marx and Kant's Ethical Thought

"This brilliant, lively, and scholarly attempt to define communism's present role in addressing the need to remake our world is especially timely in the face of the policies and actions of the Bush administration. Bob Avakian and Bill Martin are to be commended for their steadfast endeavors to bring about a new society. We owe them both our gratitude for this monumental effort to move our world toward justice and righteousness."
— Rev. George W. Webber, President Emeritus, New York Theological Seminary

Published by Open Court 
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