Praise and Reviews

"What is ethical thinking in a time of social fragmentation and imperialist globalization? Bob Avakian convincingly argues that moriality has to be tied to a vision of a good society, a society free of exploitation and every form of domination. Even more does morality have to do with the struggle to create such a society. Avakian points the way toward what some doubt is possible, a materialist ethics. Like Mao's, this is a Marxism that aims at a social analysis that is clear and systematic but not 'cold'—a Marxism with heart."

Bill Martin, Associate Professor of Philosophy, DePaul University, Chicago

"For this clergyman who has struggled with the relevance of the Biblical faith in the face of the crises in our society, the critique of Bob Avakian comes as an urgent challenge. His thoughtful analysis underlines the urgency of recognizing how shallow has been our understanding and how futile has been much of our effort to work for a just society. There is insight and truth-speaking in this vital book which those of us of religious faith need to hear and to which we need to respond."

Reverend George W. Webber, Professor of Urban Ministry and President Emeritus