You Don't Know What You Think You "Know" About... The Communist Revolution



Raymond Lotta's research and argumentation, particularly about the Russian revolution and the Chinese Cultural Revolution, demonstrate forcefully once again that a better world for humanity is indeed possible. Anybody who does not want to witness the slow but sure destruction of our environment, and our humanity as well should find inspiration from Lotta's book.

       —Dongping Han, author of The Unknown Cultural Revolution: Life and Change in a Chinese Village

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Everything you "know" about the revolution is untrue. You need to surf the first wave and get on board for the next rising tide. Lotta offers a book that sets sail towards that horizon with unflinching commitment to the better future that we need.

—John Hutnyk, author of Pantomime Terror: Music and Politics and Bad Marxism: Capitalism and Cultural Studies


...the book is well worth reading. In evaluating the century of communist revolutions from the 1870s to the 1970s, it provides a timely reminder for those who lived through the Cultural Revolution years and lights a beacon for younger people searching for new paradigms of change, by documenting the inspiring creativity, born of the conscious activism of millions of people, that offered a totally different framework for evaluating deep social problems-and a radically different solution, as well.

        —a China Historian 

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In this short book, Raymond Lotta provides a critique of the founding myths of anti-communism. In the process, he offers an account of the history of communist revolutions that focuses on the creation of new institutions, organizations and collective practices that have been largely ignored in the standard literature....

Michael E. Brown, Professor of Sociology and Antrhopology, Northeastern University, author of The Historiography of Communism

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By answering a series of often asked questions, he challenges the popular myths and "wisdom" surrounding the history of communist revolution from the Paris Commune to the Russian and Chinese socialist states. He gives us a people's history of what they set out to do, what they were about, the shortcomings and advances that were made and what we have learned from them....

The whole history of communism has been portrayed either as some horror or as some kind of utopian scheme that could never work, neither of which is true. Lotta brings an informed opinion, reason and balance to a debate which is long overdue.

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About the Author

Raymond Lotta is an advocate for Bob Avakian's new synthesis of communism. He is a political economist, author of America in Decline, and writer for Revolution. He lectures widely and directs the "Set the Record Straight Project," which brings out the truth of the Soviet and Chinese revolutions and provides web resources.

Book Description

This book takes on and refutes the conventional wisdom that communist revolution has been a disaster and nightmare. In a wide-ranging, provocative, and richly detailed interview, Raymond Lotta, a political economist and expert in the history of communism, guides the reader through the "first wave" of socialist revolutions: the Paris Commune of 1871, the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917-56, and the Chinese revolution of 1949-76.

This is the real history and a penetrating analysis of what these revolutions and their leadership actually set out to do, the liberating economic, social, and cultural transformations brought about, and the shortcomings as well. How did the lives of women radically change? How did revolution attack the oppression of minority nationalities? This book will show you.

It also sails straight into the face of controversy. It addresses the important historical role of Stalin, the slanders directed at the Great Leap Forward and Mao's Cultural Revolution in China, and the wrong ways that people in U.S. society have been trained to think about society, the world, and revolution.

Lotta examines why these revolutions ultimately met defeat. But he also explains why it is possible, drawing the right lessons, to go further and do better in a new stage of revolution. In this, he introduces the reader to Bob Avakian's new synthesis of communism.

At once rigorous and accessible, the book is an unparalleled resource. The world cries out for fundamental change-yet people are told there is no alternative. Raymond Lotta makes the case that "the whole history of communism thus far shows that the world does not have to be this way."

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