“The Science of Evolution and the Myth of Creationism: Knowing What’s Real and Why It Matters” offers a clear, lively, and systematic presentation examining the scientific evidence for evolution that is very highly recommended for school and community Science reference collections. Forcefully rejecting creationist objections to evolution and including a critique of so-called ‘Intelligent Design’, “The Science Of Evolution and the Myth Of Creationism” argues that they are part of a larger social agenda. With discussion that celebrates the fascination to be found in studying the diversity and complexity of life, this examination suggests with some urgency that the science of evolution is crucial to the existence of science itself. Thoroughly ‘reader friendly’ throughout, “The Science Of Evolution and the Myth Of Creationism” is as informed and informative as it is thoughtful and thought-provoking. Exceptionally well written and featuring a section of full color photography, “The Science of Evolution and the Myth of Creationism” is especially commended to the attention of non-specialist general readers of all ages who are interested in countering Creationism mythologies and defending the scientific approach to the consideration of how life developed on planet earth.”

– The Midwest Book Review | Wisconsin Bookwatch | Science Shelf | April 2015

This excellent book is well written and easy to read, yet it covers the material in a no-nonsense, scientific way. It will appeal to any high school student interested in science or political controversies and would be a good resource for science teachers who may have to tread the perilous battleground of religion vs. science. Skybreak is a trained evolutionary biologist who has traveled the world and studied many cultures. She brings a philosophical attitude to her understanding of science, but she clearly delineates proven scientific fact from religious beliefs. The book is extremely well documented with extensive endnotes after each chapter and sidebars that explain concepts like race, with examples concerning the development of certain diseases like sickle cell anemia and HIV. The book concludes with supplemental inserts, a lengthy glossary, a geological timeline and a “defend science statement.” Skybreak does not take a middle ground in this book. She is an adamant believer in evolution and a debunker of myths and theories like “intelligent design,” and she tells her truth in a documented and clear way that will inspire in many students a new interest in science.

Nola Theiss, Sanibel, FL– KLIATT (Full Review)

“Skybreak is a good scientist with a solid understanding of evolutionary biology. She presents mountains of evidence of evolution in action today and throughout the past 3.8 billion years since the beginning of life on Earth: moths, fruit flies, the Grand Canyon, the sickle cell gene, HIV, so-called ‘gaps’ in the fossil record, the evolution of new species in the laboratory in real time, embryo development, remnant features, the independent evolution of similar features in different species, nature’s many imperfections demonstrating that any Grand Designer is prone to serious mistakes, the geographic proximity of similar species, the ‘nested’ hierarchy of living organisms demonstrating evolutionary relatedness, and most impressively the immense fossil and genetic record showing the six-million-year evolution from the first upright apes to Homo Sapiens…”

Art Hobson, Northwest Arkansas Times

“The scientific explanations are strong and the critique of religion is refreshing. Ardea Skybreak adds a fourth approach to the debate between evolution and creationism – an element which is sometimes alluded to in vague terms, but which is rarely brought out into the open: politics…”

Austin Cline, of Agnostism/Atheism

“This book’s strength lies in its lucid and conversant outline of why and how evolution is central to scientific thinking, and its detailed development of various themes related to evolution science. Ardea Skybreak ably relates evolutionary themes to important contemporary controversies, as in her excellent section on race and racism… Recommended for public libraries and undergraduate collections.”

E-STREAMS.COM Review (Full Review)