“Most books that teach the basics of evolutionary biology are fairly genteel in their treatment of creationism-they don’t endorse it, of course, but they either ignore it, or more frequently now, they segregate off a chapter to deal with the major claims. There are also whole books dedicated to combating creationist myths, of course, but they’re not usually the kind of book you pick up to get a tutorial in basic biology. In my hands I have an example of a book that does both, using the errors of creationism heavily to help explain and contrast the principles of evolutionary biology-it’s fascinating.”

PZ Myers of Pharyngula

“This book provides a point by point description of creationist arguments and refutation of those arguments, and a very usable summary of the related evolutionary concepts… this may be the most comprehensive discussion available… I don’t think Skybreak’s book requires rejection of religion to accept evolution, but if you are looking for a way to reconcile religious belief with scientific reality, you won’t (thank god) find it here.”

Greg Laden, Ph.D.

“This is a lively, entertaining and even important book. I would highly recommend it for all academic collections: college, university and even high school and middle school. Anyone that passionately cares about science and rationality could do worse than have such a book in their personal collections as well. It could come in handy during arguments at contentious dinner parties or family gatherings, for example.”

John Dupuis, Confessions of a Science Librarian

“I bought this book because I’d had the great fortune of reading it in RW as a series a few years ago. I was absolutely fascinated by Ardea Skybreak’s presentation of evolution scientifically and expose of the myth of creationism. It was and is very beautiful and enlightening.”

– From a prisoner

“There are many fine books on evolution and creationism, but this one stands out because it is so well written, concise, and comprehensive. It is accessible to the general reader and uncompromising in its logic and accuracy in presenting scientific concepts. If you find that your textbook’s presentation of evolution is inadequate, give your students Ardea Skybreak’s book and watch their understanding grow.”

Kevin Padian, Professor of Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley; Curator, Museum of Paleontology, University of California, Berkeley

“The Science of Evolution and the Myth of Creationism…Knowing What’s Real and Why It Matters, by Ardea Skybreak is an excellent book. It clearly explains the overwhelming evidence for evolution and why it is scientific fact, while exploding the nonsense that the creation fantasy tries to present as it masquerades as science. In discussing evolution’s history, mechanisms, and evidence, from the origin of life to mechanisms of speciation to evolution of pesticide resistance in insects, Ardea Skybreak does an excellent job of educating and inspiring an interest in nature, science and evolution.”

David Seaborg, Evolutionary Biologist, founder and President of the Foundation for Biological Conservation and Research, founder and President of the World Rainforest Fund

“…very easy to read and understand…Information such as this is desperately needed especially here in the ‘Bible Belt’ South, where religious fundamentalism and creationism hit hardest.”

– From a high school student in Georgia