Award Finalist

The Science of Evolution and the Myth of Creationism, Knowing What’s Real and Why It Matters was named a Finalist for the 2007 Benjamin Franklin Awards in the category of Science/Environment. These awards recognize excellence in independent publishing.

The author, Ardea Skybreak, made these comments about the responses and recognition her book has received:

“I wrote this book because I feel strongly that everyone needs to understand the basic facts of evolution and the scientific method. I believe that when people are deprived of a scientific approach to reality as a whole, they are robbed of both a full appreciation of the beauty and richness of the natural world and the means to understand the dynamics of change not only in nature but in human society as well. In delving into complicated scientific concepts, I strove to combine scientific rigor with an accessible style in order to connect with a broad and diverse audience, from scientists and intellectuals to those with little scientific background or formal education. The responses to the book, including from renowned scientists and educators, has been very encouraging. I have been deeply moved by the heartfelt letters from prisoners about the impact my book has had on giving them for the first time an understanding of how all life including human beings has evolved through entirely natural processes without the involvement of any supernatural force or being. Many other people have commented on the book’s atypical treatment of the relationship between science and religion, notably its lack of defensiveness towards religion. Recognition of my book as a Finalist for the 2007 Benjamin Franklin Award in the category of Science and the Environment, and in numerous reviews by scientists and educators, comes at a time when evolution–and the very definition of science–is under concerted attack by religious fundamentalists, with backing from the highest levels of government. This gives added significance to this recognition, which I hope will contribute to spreading this book to an even wider audience and further promoting knowledge of evolution and the scientific method.”

– Ardea Skybreak