Table of Contents


  • The Struggle in the Realm of Ideas
  • Three Alternative Worlds
  • The Role of Dissent in a Vibrant Society
  • Materialism and Romanticism: Can We Do Without Myth?
  • Bob Avakian in a Discussion with Comrades on Epistemology: On Knowing and Changing the World
  • Marxism Is a Science, It is Not "The End of Philosophy"
  • Intoxicated with the Truth
  • How We Know What We Know: Developments in the Material World, Developments in Human Knowledge
  • "Bushism" and Communisn
  • A Scientific Approach to Maoism, A Scientific Approach to Science
  • Solid Core with a Lot of Elasticity: Epistemology and Application
  • Madison, Jefferson, and Stalin... and Communism as a Science
  • The "Godlike Position of the Proletariat," The Sweep of History
  • Methods and Principles
  • Art and Artistic Creation—Solid Core with a Lot of Elasticity
  • Epistemology: The Derridas and the Communists
  • Marxism "Embraces But Does Not Replace"
  • We Can't Know Everything—So We Should Be Good at Learning
  • There is No Religious Basis, There is a Powerful, Material Basis, for Communism
  • Marxism and the Enlightenment
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